• Syamsuddin Syamsuddin Universitas Sawerigading Makassar
Keywords: English, Pedagogical Competence, Students’ Perception


This study was aiming to analyze the students’ perception on pedagogical competence of the English lecturers who handled the Saturday English Meeting as an extracurricular program at the faculty of letters, Sawerigading University Makassar. Most of the students at these study programs still have low English competence and consider that English is difficult. The pedagogic competence of the lecturers is related to the success of the learning activities. Therefore, it is required to analyze the lecturers’ pedagogic competence based on the students’ perception since this affects to their attitude and actions in learning activities. The population of this study was 100 students of faculty of Letters, at even semester, on academic year 2022/2023 who participated in Saturday English Meeting. The sample of this study was 50 students taken by using purposive sampling technique. The instrument used in this study is a non-test instrument consisting of 25 items of statements to measure student’s perception on English lecturers’ pedagogical competence. From the data processing, the result of the research was (1) Based on statements, obtained 52% in very good category, 20% in good category, 24% in enough category, 4% in less category, 0% in very less category; (2) Based on indicators, obtained 73.04% good category for learning preparation, 68.35% in good category for presentation of learning materials, 74.8% in good category for learning approach/strategy, 91.87% in very good category for students involvement learning, 70.4% good category for design and do the evaluation and 57.4% in good category for utilize assessment result for quality improvement of learning; (3) overall, the student’s perception on English lecturers’ pedagogical competence is 72.64% in good category.