• Muhammad Bintang Suryo Universitas Sawerigading Makassar
  • Rahayu Universitas Sawerigading Makassar
  • Fentry Hernaningsi Ruing Universitas Sawerigading Makassar
Keywords: Moral values, Analysis, Movie, Zootopia.


Most Indonesians watch movies on a regular basis. People watch movies for a variety of reasons, including entertainment, time passivity, informational purposes, language acquisition, and cultural understanding. Film is a collection of still images that, when seen on a screen, provide the impression of movement. The objectives of this study were 1) to identify the moral values presented in the Zootopia movie and 2) to identify the dominant moral values throughout the movie. In this study, the writer employed a qualitative method combined with a data analytic strategy. Since the data in qualitative research were gathered in the form of words and images rather than statistics, it could be described. In a qualitative approach, the goal of the study was to analyze data as closely as possible to the form of a narrative or written words. Data were gathered by watching the movie two or more times, compiling references that were pertinent to the analysis of the movie, choosing the data, and defining the moral principles that the movie upheld. The purpose of the data analysis was to analyze the moral values of the movie Zootopia, to explain its plot summary, and to offer conclusions. The study's findings were as follows: 1) The movie "Zootopia" promoted several moral values, including friendliness, honesty, bravery, discipline, and self-confidence. 2) Honesty was the main moral principle in the Zootopia movie.